Ball shape and square shape bubble gum making machine

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Our bubble gum machine can produce different shape of bubble gum, such as square shape, oval shape, ball shape, corrugated shape and so on. And bubble gum making machine can produce center filled gum and two color gum. We know how to produce bubble gum, how to make aging room for bubble gum.  

This bubble gum production line adopt four screw extruding technique, make the bubble gum organization and has good taste. And we adopt horizontal revolving cooling technique, avoid distortion.

And our Temperature constant system, ensure the material fresh, and sugar strip identical. We also adopt tri-angle prism groove roller, keep the pressure put on the material steady, and the amount of the material extruding even, and has good appearance.

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You will find two different kinds of bubble gum machine

1. Ball shape bubble gum:

Ball gum making machines mainly consist of  mixer, extruder , ball forming machine , cooling tunnel , coating pans , and packing machines. And ball forming machine adpot three-roller forming technique, and is suit for different shape bubble gum.

Gum balls can be solid or central filling; ball shapes can be round & olive

Ball gum forming size diameter : 13 -25mm

Forming capacity:  100kg/hr , 200kg/hr ,250kg/h , 350kg/h

With our expertise in gum industry, we can design the complete factory according to your actual situation

We supply the whole plant with turnkey service

Main parts Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Size Dimension(mm)
Blender 100~500 23.2 Four screws 2500×860×1250
Extruder 100~500 15.2   1550×700×1300
Molding machine 100~500 2.6 Gum size ¢13 to ¢25on demand 1380×550×1620
Cooling cabinet 100~500 1.66 Cooling temp 10 t o 50 3050×1420×1440
Sugar-coating machine 100~500 1.1   1000×760×1345

Ball shape bubble gum machine photo:

2. Square shape bubble gum

This bubble gum processing line mainly consists of mixer , extruder , cooling cabinet with refrigerator ,cut & wrap machine ( stick packing machine as an option).

We have different levels of bubble gum machines production capacity for your choice

Capacity is flexible from 800 - 3,000kgs per 8hours

We are specialized in bubble gum machine, chewing gum machine, ball gum machines over a decade

We have three type of cutting and folding machine, 350pcs/m, 500pcs/m and 800pcs/m

We can provide turnkey services if you require






Gum Base Heater





500L Mixer





 Double-Color Extruder

(Double Motor)





9Layer Cooling Cabinet with refrigerator






 Cut & Fold Wrapping






 Stick Packing Machine

(5pcs in a stick)






Sugar Miller





We also produce different kinds of coating pan.

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