Automatic chiffon cake and cup muffin cake production line

Short Description:

1.Provide semi automatic and full automatic cake production line.

2.Capacity range:50-800kg/h. Customized according to customer needs.

3.Free to design production line according to customer’s workshop layout.

4.Can produce cupcake,chiffon cake,muffin cake, sponge cake and various shapes of cakes.

5.Offer turnkey solution from checking raw material to make recipe, make cake, until final packing machine.

6.Provide moulds customization services based on customer samples.

7.Provide engineers with installation services abroad and 24 hours online service.

8.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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Chiffon cake and cup cake production line

We have semi automatic cake production line and full automatic cake production line.

Semi automatic cake production line is for smaller capacity (under 100kg/h) and smaller factory or new investor.

Full automatic cake production line is research and developed on the basis of Europe's advanced equipment, and colligate with the real condition of individual workshop. It is gather the electricity ,light and machine together ,with the merits of high automatic ,large capacity ,fewer workers ,and fewer workers touched with the product long quality guarantee period etc., It is very popular by larger food factories.

The cake production equipments are divided into five parts: the batter mixing, Pastry beating, cake depositing, baking oven, cooling, de-molding, packaging. If you want to make sandwich cakes, we can configure a cake filling machine. About tunnel oven, you can choose different types of tunnel oven (such as electricity, diesel, gas, thermal oil) to save energy.

Technical Specifications:

Main model Squeezing Time Capacity Voltage Pressure Overall Dimension Single Weight
YC400 2-4 Seconds 100-200kg/h 220V/380V 8-10kgf/cm2 1800*1000*1300mm 15-80g/pcs
YC600 2-4 Seconds 200-400kG/h 220V/380V 8-10kgf/cm2 2000*1000*1300mm 15-80g/pcs

Main Machine Features


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