Toffee candy making machine

Short Description:

1.Three ways to produce toffee candy: toffee candy depositing line, toffee candy chain forming line, toffee cutting and packing line.

2.Capacity range of toffee making machine: 50kg/h-600kg/h

3.Provide the whole production line from cooking raw material until packing machine.

4.Provide engineers with installation services abroad

5.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

Product Detail

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1. Toffee Depositing Making Machine / caramel machine / toffe equipment

Adopting servo system to accurately control speed and flow of toffee syrup

Make pure toffee, double color toffee, center filling toffee and stripe toffee.

Consists sugar dissolving tank, transfer pump, pre-heating tank, special toffee cooker, cooling conveyor,toffe depositing machine, candy cooling tunnel, candy packing machine

9.7-inch large LED touch screen display for easier operation

Complete the quantitative filling and mixing of essence, pigment and acid liquid online

Conveyor belt, cooling system, and dual demolding mechanism ensure demolding

Technical Specifications:

Model GDT150 GDT300 GDT450 GDT600
Capacity 150kg/hr 300kg/hr 450kg/hr 600kg/hr
Candy Weight As per candy size
Depositing Speed 45 ~55n/min 45 ~55n/min 45 ~55n/min 45 ~55n/min
Working Condition


Total power   18Kw/380V   27Kw/380V   34Kw/380V   38Kw/380V
Total Length      20m      20m      20m      20m
Gross  Weight     3500kg     4500kg     5500kg     6500kg

Toffe candy making machine / caramel depositing line

2. Toffee candy die forming machine / toffe filling making machine

This die-molding former which consists of complete candy mass feeding system, set molding die, servo motor driving system, brushing system, controlling system, machine frame, candy conveying system is designed & updated for forming filled or without filled soft candy, milk candy, toffee candy, bubble gum candy after combining technologies from China and Europe.

Forming different shapes of candies by chain molding die after getting the candy mass

High production capacity, excellence in forming performance and vivid forming outlook.

Adopting servo-motor driving system ensures high forming speed, more production appliactions.

Chain forming machine can make candy filled jam,capacity is about 1200pcs/min.

Die-formed style, long shelf life of sugar.

Name Dimension (L*W*H)mm Voltage(v) Power
YC-200 YC-400
Batch roller 3400×700×1400 380 2 500 2T~5T/8h 5T~10T/8h
Rope sizer 1010×645×1200 380 0.75 300
Lollipop Forming machine 1115×900×1080 380 1.1 480
1685×960×1420 380 3 1300
Cooling sifter 3500×500×400 380 0.75 160

Toffee die forming machine / Filled soft candy machine

3.Toffee candy cutting and packing machine

The equipments of toffee cutting production line and toffee die forming production line are basically the same, except for toffee forming part.The toffee cutting line is usually suitable for strip toffee or longer candy. It is cut and packaged according to the set size by entering candy cutting machine through candy rope sizing machine.

Toffe cutting machine / toffee packing machine

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