Semi or full automatic hard biscuit making machine and soft biscuit production line

Short Description:

1.Provide semi automatic and full automatic biscuit production line.

2.Capacity range: 100-1250kg/h. Customized according to customer needs.

3.Free to provide customer’s factory layout drawings.

4.Can produce hard biscuit, soft biscuit and various shapes of biscuits.

5.Offer the whole line from raw material to packing machine.

6.Provide mould customization services based on customer samples.

7.Provide engineers with installation services abroad.

8.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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Hard biscuit production line and Soft biscuit production line

We have hard biscuit production line and soft biscuit production line. The biggest difference between the two production lines is biscuit forming machine. Different forming methods result in different flavors of the biscuits made. Customers can provide us with biscuits samples, and we will teach you how to choose the most suitable biscuit production line machine.

Currently, we have clients in the United States, the Middle East, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Hard biscuit production line is generally, composed of a feeding machine(if producing the soda biscuit or chocolate coated biscuit, anther lamination process is needed), a set of dough roller, through the dough rolling and dough sheet, then through the roller cutting machine, rest material recycling device, inlet oven machine, the entire biscuit forming line.

For soft biscuit production line, only the forming machine and inlet oven machine can be the whole forming process, in order to increase the biscuit types and characteristics, customer can allocate the sugar& salt sprinkling machine, egg spraying machine, egg painting machine, calico printing machine, etc. The oven is to make the formed biscuit into delicious food.

You can choose different types of bakery oven (Electricity/gas/diesel/thermal oil) for baking different types of products.

Dough rolling width is 250mm to 1500mm (if you have special needs, we can customize for you).

Technical Specifications:

model YC-BGX400 YC-BGX600 YC-BGX800 YC-BGX1000 YC-BGX1200 YC-BGX1500
Production capacity 250 KG/h 500 KG/h 750 KG/h 1000 KG/h 1250 KG/h 2000kg/h
Total length 64500 85500 92500 125000 125000 150000
Baking temperature 190-240'C 190-240'C 190-240'C 190-240'C 190-240'C 190-240'C
Whole line power 190KW 300KW 380KW 700KW 830KW 1230KW
Whole line weight 12000 20000 28000 45000 45000 55000

Our strengths:

Full 304 Stainless steel cover, Siemens PLC touch screen control, insolate wood cotton, hot air circulation system, have automatic alarm device.

 It is widely available for making all kinds of biscuits( Hard and Soft biscuit, Soda Cracker, Cookies, also Stick biscuit, Potato chips, hello panda biscuit, Print biscuit and Chocolate filling biscuit).

Pneumatic automatic tracking and adjust belt and tension.

Different shape biscuit just need to change the mould, we also can design mould for you according to your requirement.

Provide three types of biscuit tunnel oven: electric, gas and diesel oil. It depends on the natural resources of different countries. Some countries are abundant in gas.

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